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The 10 craziest things to eat...

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Ok, so my research into some of these "delicacies" had me gasping and gagging more than ever before (and that's saying something), but hopefully your stomach is stronger than mine!

Here goes, it's probably best to start with the least shocking so you can stop reading if it gets too much...

1) Reindeer Paté

Get festive this Christmas with your favourite reindeer...paté. Made from select cuts of Swedish Arctic Reindeer meat, cognac and spices. Ditch the mince pies, I'm sure Santa would prefer a plate of reindeer paté on toast with his glass of brandy this Christmas Eve!

2) Ants

You've probably heard of this one before: maybe even tried some??

Hormigas culonas, (translates as big-bottomed ants), are a speciality in north-east Colombia, and apparently have a similar texture to popcorn and taste like peanuts.

They're sold in Harrods and Fortnum & Mason, coated in finest belgian chocolate of course...

Health benefits: insects are believed to be one of the most nutritious foods available, high in protein  and cholesterol free. Ants in particular are energy boosting, and according to the Colombians also a natural form of viagra. Due to the high levels of formic acid in ants, they are also good for your immune system.

3) Worms

Again you can find these coated in chocolate, or more often just fried, and enjoyed accross the world, but originating from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

If you're a tequila fan, you may have come accross a few worms in your shot glass from time to time? Worms in tequila have become a firmly established tradition, as it's believed that the worm is an essential component of the liquor's flavor and colour. And what the heck, it's a fun drunken challenge, seeing whether you can manage to swallow a whole writhing worm without vomming straight after. I don't think I could ever be that drunk.

4) Scorpions

   Scorpion kebab

Often deep fried but can also be baked, these crispy critters make a tasty treat for those brave enough to try them. Although their poison can be leathal, they're a favourite in China, where you can find them in most local markets.

Another must-try is Scorpion vodka, which effectively smoothes off the sharp edge of the vodka.

5) Venemous snakes

                     Snake Wine                                         Pickled Snakes

A small glass of straight blood or blood/bile alcohol is served as a shot in China, where it is also eaten as a culinary dish, most often deep fried or boiled. Snake's blood and bile is considered a male aphrodisiac (as most of these crazy foods seem to be...) and it is also supposed to be good for the eyes, and lower spine.

Across Asia, venomous vermin are steeped in liquor to increase the drink’s kick and warm your insides...perfect for this bitter winter, no?

6) Guinea-pig

This one almost made me cry. In Peru (and other Andean countries) – the native guinea pig is kept in the home not as a pet, but to feed up and cook for dinner. Unsurprisingly the taste resembles pork.

7) Sheep's head

Boiled, fried, barbequed, stewed...There are infinite ways to cook this delicacy, which is enjoyed all over the world, including Europe.

8) Crocodile

                                      Croc n' Chips

Steaks and legs – sometimes still with scaly feet attached – are commonly eaten in Asia, Africa and Australia. The meat is remarkably low in cholesterol and its taste is a cross between fish and chicken.

9) Genitalia

                     Goat penis                                                       Bull testicles

I don't know which is worse. Bull testicles (also known as prairie oysters) are a North American culinary speciality, best served fried. Sheep and goat penis on the other hand is apparently very tasty boiled and stewed.

Jamie Oliver is said to have enjoyed the dish on a visit to an American Indian Tribe.

Apparently all male genitalia are edible (except human), and contain aphrodisiac properties.

And now for the last but certainly not least...Turn away if you're faint-hearted...

10) Tarantula!!

Oven baked or fried, tarantula is one of Cambodia's most unique delicacies. It's crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside and seasoned with interesting spices.

If you're brave enough to try any of this haute cuisine, here's a great shop based in London, where you can order a wide range of very imaginative (if somewhat repulsive) insect delicacies. Rather you than me...

Have you tasted any weird or wonderful creatures that aren't on this list?

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Apparently all male genitalia are edible (except human), and contain aphrodisiac properties.

Really ? Which part is no edible ?

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Wow !  I think that Bear Grylls would love it :)

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Je ne peux pas répondre Twidi.

Oh my god that is the most revolting thing I have EVER seen!!!! All that goo or whatever it was spurting out his mouth ewwwwwwwwwww!

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Omg I have found a Philipinian speciality which definitely merits being in the Top 10...


Bat Stew

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Some of these are sick.

Yeah I have seen the ants in Selfridges! Think they also do grasshoppers...


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