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Is fundraising for student scholarships to a professional conference a Project that is Acceptable?

    I am on the sponsorship and fundraising committee for the Third World Congress of Positive Psychology conference that is taking place in Los Angeles this summer 2013.

    We are trying to raise money so that we can give student attendees scholarships and reduce their cost of attendance.

    Can we post a project on here to raise money for this endeavor?  We will have different levels of sponsorships and awards given to those who donate, but I wasn't sure if this type of project met your standards and guidelines.

    Thanks for your help!


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    Hello Jeff, 

    I am not pretty sure about what you have in mind since your description is quite short, however it seems to me that it is close to a "fund my life" project, which are not accepted on Ulule. 

    In case I did not understand precisely what you want to do, you can send us more details directly at [email protected], we will answer faster than here as it is a dedicated adress for this kind of questions. 




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