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The Ulule tool box: your project dashboard

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Your project proposal has been accepted by Ulule! Yay! You now have to create the page before you can put it on online. But how does that work exactly?

Before you even get down to the fun stuff we advise, if it isn’t done already, to update your browser so that you can navigate the platform without any hindrances. Done? Away we go!

Now it’s time to go the tool box of your project where you can administrate your page before, during and after your fundraising. Before getting started, read this guide so that you know how everything works!

Edit the main information

It’s with the help of this tool here that you can model the majority of your project page. When you click on this button, you will arrive at a wysiwyg (stands for ‘what you see is what you get’) and this allows you to modify all of your presentation.

The most important information for your project is attached first..logically (title, subtitle, URL, sum or quantity to attain, currency).

Then follow the three description boxes:

“Description”: in which you describe your project, starting with a brief summary.

“What do you need the funds for?” allows you to describe your funding needs…with precision! The more detailed the budget, the more you will be taken seriously.

“About you”: Where you put our motivations, your intentions and your world. Don’t forget to insert some links to your site and your personal pages such as Facebook and Twitter. These links are often considered as a gage of credibility by your supporters.

The following complementary information is no less important: country of residence, length of the collection, telephone, tags and versions in another language.

Once you have completed everything, don’t forget to save your information by clicking on the ‘save’ button,  which you can find on the bottom left hand side of the page when editing the main information.

NB you cannot save your page without filling in certain obligatory pieces of information such as the title, subtitle or even the duration of the fundraising (number of days or end date).

Edit medias : manage the main image,main video and their eventual versions.

We house many projects on Ulule, hundreds and hundreds of them. Drowning in an abundance of projects, some more interesting than others, the contributor doesn’t know where to give his support. How can you make your project more enticing, unique, original and just downright better than all the others?

The answer is simple: a really great main picture for your project.

This picture, which measures 640x360 pixels, must be catchy but simple because it will also be used in the Ulule summary in a reduced format of 200x100.

Once your 'impressive' image has been found, you need to click on the tab ‘edit media’ in the toolbox in order to access the editing page for your principle image. Then click on the button ‘Choose File’.

Choose the file that you need and click ‘save’.

You have the possibility to assign a language to an image. But if you preview several versions, you have to cover the other 6 languages on Ulule.

For example: if you have two versions of your image, one for the French and one for the English, you should mention ‘French’ under the image and ‘English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German’ under the international image.

Now that your potential contributor is on your page, you need to keep their attention and the only thing they love more than splendid images are wonderful videos. Do you have a link to one for your project? Very good! All that remains to be done is to embed it onto your page so that it is your main video (there will be more clicks if it appears at the top of your page).

Above all, you need to share this video on platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion. Once the video is online, copy it’s URL (the address that you find at the top of your navigator when you open the video).

Edit the FAQ’s

Do you have a project that is slightly complex? You feel it's necessary to have the space and the time to explain perfectly (and you don’t accept anything less than perfection?) The FAQ’s are there for you.

It is vital that your contributors understand your project integrally, without which people will find it difficult to entrust their money with you. But in the same way, they won’t read your project if it’s too short.

In order to resolve this dilemma, our genius developers have added a question section which allows you to reduce the content of your main page all by explaining the smallest little details to those who throw questions at you.

The use of this section is very easy. As always, from the toolbox, click on “Edit FAQ’s”.  You arrive on an FAQ section that is completely empty. Type in the question area those questions that you have already received a hundred times in your inbox from curious contributors, for example:

 “Exactly what type of vehicle are you going to use, a ford mustang 1981 with 8 or 12 cylinders?”

Then respond in the answer area just below. You can edit the text, put it in bold, italics or, even better, insert links which send contributors directly to sites where all the answers to their questions can be found, thus avoiding copy and pasting lots of information into a small box (and moreover, without referencing, i.e plagiarism….but don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone).

The box for languages below allows you to limit FAQs to certain languages, in the same way as the English answer only appears on the English page of your project. If you have only one version, this function is not necessary.

To add a second Question and Answer, you have to save what you have written with the save button. You can also decide to put some Question and Answers in the question area for contributors.

As always, once you have made a modification, don’t forget to save it!

Speak soon Ululers !

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      my name is Rev B C Peter, 31 year old, i am a pastor of Barnabas Charity Outreach Inc here in Nigeria, i am fundraising on behalf of my church that is in the process to buy land to build our church and office in September to serve as our main church and office, we have a strong conviction that this project will help us acquire a property that can serve as our main church and office building, we express our feeling, we seeking financial support to help us build, any support will be highly appreciate


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