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12 Ways To Use Twitter

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Twitter is a micro blogging platform which allows you to publish short messages of less than 140 characters. But how do you use it? And what is all the fuss about?

In answer to these complicated questions, I offer you 12 ways to use Twitter – perhaps you can find one which suits you :)

  1. Create and manage your personal branding.Twitter is a social platform which can enable you to build your personal branding. Develop your social image, find a job, become a reference in another domain, or simply network.
  2. Gather different points of view. Collect feedback on a project, a brand, a film…pose questions and get different opinions.
  3. Recruit. Are you looking for a webdesigner or developer? Post your advert. It’s the easiest and quickest way to recruit Freelancers. However, few professional bodies are on Twitter; it’s a network widely used by journalists and communicants, but you won’t have much luck finding an admin system, archivist or plumber. 
  4. Generate traffic. Twitter can be used to drain traffic. Post a message with a link to your page. Include on your site a way that Twitter users can visit your article/ site/ page. 
  5. Follow updates. Tweets often point to sites or articles which can be a source of press scoops.
  6. Make new “friends”. Like any other social network, Twitter enables you to communicate with other twitters and thus (who knows…) create new contacts.
  7. Exchange. Discover and exchange with people who have the same centre of interests. Use the search engine to target tweets which address your passion and use hashtags to make your tweets appear on the dedicated discussion threads.
  8. Use it like a company intranet. Twitter can be used as a means of internal communication in your company. 
  9. Inform your clients. Communicate with your clients. For example propose promotional offers or inform them of a project’s  advancements.
  10. Post-it. If you have noticed or discovered something interesting, post it so that others can read it too, and discover it later.
  11. Canvassing. Twitter can help you find potential clients online. Do a search with key words linked to your product/ service on Twitter Search and follow the users.
  12. Cover an event. Comment live on a conference, concert, match…

Perhaps you have another use for Twitter?

For more info on Twitter, please see Twitter: how does it work?

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