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Academic: Crowdfunding Study Seeking Participation

    Dear All

    I completing my second master’s in business at The University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I am currently undergoing an important Crowdfunding study of the influence of incentives on backers’ motivation. 

    This vital clue into the role of incentives and backers’ motivation sheds an unexplored spotlight on how and why some projects are far more successful than others, despite not offering any incentives at all. 

    This information could also assist in more successfully funded projects; the goal for project creators, funders and platforms. 

    Anyone that assists in the collection of information will naturally receive a grateful credit (unless specified otherwise), and a dedicated link can also be set up for personalised analysis for particular platforms. 

    The results will of course be shared with anyone that assisted in the development, free of charge, as well as the delivery of the published thesis. Personal information of all backers will naturally remain protected and anonymous. 

    If this study is of interest to you, then your assistance is vitally important. The results are based on an academic survey that must be completed from a large enough sample to be accurate. 

    Are you able to contribute in the development of this study by taking part? The link is attached, and will only take a few minutes of your time. 


    If you are not able to help, any referral or recommendation will help a great deal, and anyone contributing to the collection of results will receive a credit, unless wishing to stay anonymous. 

    Thank you in advance for your support. 

    Jun Zhang

    [email protected]

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