Book Works open submissions series : The Time Machine !

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Abstract : "Book Works is looking for proposals for three new commissions, that suggest a strictly non-representational response to the use of archives, the treatment of history, the appropriation of knowledge and redistribution of meanings.

All of the books in The Time Machine series should experiment with-and-against any univocal take on the gathering and editing of information, while benefiting from the shifts arising from such openness.

Forecasting ‘what will have been’ may prevent the appearance of yet another singular take on history, while looking backwards and hypothesising ‘what might had been’ may create the conditions to discuss our idea of history itself. Rather than books as unambiguous entries, Book Works is looking for ideas able to
become personal methodologies and subjective instructions in which to engage with an openly editable concept of past, present and future. We are interested in proposals that explore oral documentations, visual histories, experimental archaeologies, past science-fictions, subjective gatherings, imagined archives and
productive rumours.
An archive becomes nothing more than an anecdote when time is just another dimension to be travelled through. The question now is to speculate on where we are and on what we can see from here".

More information (PDF)

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