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Call for entries: London Anti-Design Festival

  • Serial Ululer
  • Pioneer
  • Writer
TheAnti-Design Festival will take place at London, during 18-26 September.

The call is clear:
'Rules are good. Break them'.

The festival defines itself as an “exhibition anti-design, anti-art, anti-product, anti-fashion; school for deprogramming, soundtrack for self-destruction, new film and theatre of the absurd; No_use product; no fashionastis; architecture  or our senses; resistance graphique/bazooka; digital/anti-digital; ad publication, text/discuss/debate/write/promise; performance rites”
If it inspire you, take your work art and come to participate at this nonconformist festival.

For pleasure, I let you discover the manifesto of Anti-design festival:

“We are living in an age where millions of colours became 256. Difference is the enemy. Generic culture hypnotises us all into generic patterns, where control is visibly invisible. Danger is replaced by fear. New means upgrade. Risk is obsolete. Art made money stupid, and money made us fools. We welcome no_use, no_function and no_fear. Anarchy, crash and burn, the new awaits.”
A hope message in a consumerism world

Submission is free, you can send your art work until August, 13.


Small reproducible pieces here
Large one-off pieces here

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