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Do you have an outstanding profile?

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Did you know? Your Ulule profile can be much more than a simple name!

You were probably not aware of all the available possibilities. Not really a problem for most of you, but if you have a campaign on Ulule, your profile might be this little extra convincing even more people to contribute.

The basics, as you can guess, are your name and your profile picture, that appear on campaign pages, either as campaign creator or as a supporter.



You can edit most of your profile from your Settings page, accessible from the top right menu:

As you may have noticed on my screenshots, if you fill in your city, it will be displayed too. A nice extra human touch to your profile.

You would prefer to hide your real name behind an alias? It’s possible by filling in a display name. Use the fourth field in your settings with the desired name.

But you still have many fields left. These have an impact on your public profile:

This page is your showcase on the website. Supported projects are listed,you can indicate links to your websites and describe yourself in a few words.

Note that two descriptions are possible:
The classic one, located on the left column, ideal for your job description or your catchphrase.
The complete, that allows you to give more details in few paragraphs and even add pictures. When filling this section, you add a full tab to your public profile.

Excellente news for las personas che parlano different idiomas, you can create a distinct version for your simple and complete descriptions for each one of the 8 supported languages on Ulule, Wunderbar!

If you do not want to display too much information, no worries, you can hide your contributions or even ask not to be listed on Google.

But what about my pictures?

You’re right, I mentioned the profile picture earlier in this article.

You can indeed add not only a profile picture, but also a banner:

Pictures are changed directly from your profile page. Click on the item you want to change to insert your picture and select the file to import. Be careful with the size (pixel wise ot its weight) that can clock the process.

You now have all the tools to create an amazing profile.

Feel free to add your profile in the comments section to share it with the community.


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  • Book Lover
  • Serial Ululer
  • Fashionista
  • Music Lover
  • Writer
  • Player
  • Serial Creator


  • Serial Ululer

Thanks - profiles are great but sadly not used as much as they could be, it really is interesting to read a little more about the good people who back the worthwhile projects and causes on ulule. 

I understand that many like to retain their privacy also.


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