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Duplicate Transactions

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This is the first time I've pledged money  and I'm confused how it's been displayed on the "My Transactions" page.

The pledge is listed twice, both the same amount, however one is "Validated" and the other is "Cancelled".

On Paypal, my Pre-approved Payment is still set up.

Will my pledge still come out of my account at the end of the duration or will I have to pledge again?

I'm concerned because the project only has 8 hours left.


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Hi there,

I'm not quite sure why two commands were made, but I've checked them and the payment will be carried exactly as you see it: one payment has been cancelled and will not be taken out of your account. The other one is approved and will be taken out of your account when the project comes to a close in 7 hours time.



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Me either, I'm sure I only done it once!!

Thanks for the reply and the info, settled my mind :D


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