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Guide to Promoting on Ulule, stage 1: checklist for launching a project

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Your project has been published on Ulule! Congratulations!

Before starting your promotion, here is a short list of things to do in order to inform and accumulate your first circle of potential supporters: your close network of friends and family. These few will be the first to help you finance your project and, above all, to spread the word. So don’t hesitate to involve them: ask for their advice, for a helping hand, tweets and messages of support.

Here’s a quick list of things to do to keep them informed when beginning to launch your project. Whatever you do, don’t forget to include a clear link to your project page on Ulule!

1/ Email all your contacts 

Start simple: your mailbox.
Compose an email which presents your project in a personal way. Don’t make it too long, just include enough information about the project itself and its rewards. For further details, your contacts will refer to your page on Ulule. There is one more thing to pass on to this first circle: you have a project, and need your nearest and dearest to lend a helping hand. 

Choose all your close contacts: friends, family, work colleagues…and don’t forget that loaded relative. Have no scruples with your real acquaintances: whether they offer their support or not, they will simply be happy to hear your news.
Ask them to spread the word: a friend who promotes your message around him and who speaks about your project in his social network, his mailbox or in the office will help you just as much as a friend who finances the project.
We have set up buttons to easily share your project. You will find these on the left of your head image on your campaign.


2/ Use social networks

Do you have a Facebook account? Use it! Your Facebook friends represent your extended social circle and it’s easy for them to spread your project with a simple click of the mouse. Keep them regularly up to date with your project’s developments, funding and rewards…share the news that you write on your Ulule page. Everyone’s not going to suddenly offer a wealth of support from the start, but the more they see you involved in your project, the more they will begin to trust your integrity.
Ditto with emailing; it’s crucial for your project’s profile to encourage your contacts to spread the word amongst their own network.
If you can use Facebook easily, take the time to create a dedicated page or an event for your project. Then you can invite your friends and create a permanent page, regrouping all your Project information (texts, project photos and rewards, videos…) This will be a good place to discuss your idea. Don’t forget to include a clear link to your project page on Ulule! It’s there that your supporters can help you and choose their rewards.

For your convenience Ulule has created several buttons to click to share your projects, news or Vox messages on Twitter. That automatically created a text and a shortcut link to the page in question. Use these tools: they will save you time. Don’t forget to consult our Guide to Project Promotion on Twitter; there you will find a number of really useful tools and tips.

3/ Use Ulule Vox
We created Vox to help you to pose questions, get responses, and also to enable you to promote your project. Vox is a community, somewhere you can ask the opinions of users before; during or after you have launched your project. Here you receive useful advice from other project owners and the site’s team. You will also find a lot of useful resources for your promotion. Keep the community up to date!

4/ In a café, bar or restaurant

The internet is a useful tool, but it certainly does not replace your real acquaintances. Speak about your project with those around you; over a cup of tea with friends, during a coffee break with your work colleagues…take any opportunity!
Remember to pick up the phone and tell people about your project in your own way. This is the means to achieve maximum impact. Remember: contact, contact, contact!

15 replies

  • Pioneer

Thank you for your support. I will email all my contacts and see how it goes.

    Hello and thank you for promptly responded positively to our important initiative. 

    We have a question on how to proceed in the study of marketing campaign designed to grow our supporters. 

    We start from a situation where there is already our website www.instaura.it and made ​​from a mailing list of potential supporters, plus we have a community that has facebook users in 1120, privately Andrea and I have another 1,000 "friends" on approximately facebook, they are also about 3000 connections on linkedin. 

    We can certainly involve our supporters offline friends and other acquaintances. 

    If we understand it, we must: 
    1. enable the design of ostriches 
    2. make our contribution; 
    3. make the project known to friends and family offline 
    4. Starting immediately with the campaign email marketing and social media marketing. 

    It 'just this ladder? 

    thank you very much

      Ich Hoffe, dass. ICH bin hier Richtig. War Kann ICH für sterben Finanzierung Gang meines Buches ALS Gegenleistung Erbringen? WENN 200 leute 5 Euro einzahlen, Kann ICH mir Nicht Leisten, jedem Ein Freiexemplar Gang meines Buches zu schenken. Das packe ICH NICHT. 

      Ich dachte, mein Buch kostet nachher 9,90 Euro. Ich könnte es aber für 4,00 Euro dann als Gegenleistung anbieten und signiert.

      Liebe Grüße

        Thanks for the advice., merci bien! On est parti! Here we go!, mx

          Well, I can´t find the Promotional tool box, on my project's page.... Is it because I haven´t yet established a date to start?

            Thank you for such useful information!

              Thanks for all!!!

                Excellent, thank you! Beautiful way to advance a project or a company!

                  Thank you for your advice! I will use email and FB.


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