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How to fund a project on Ulule without going through Paypal (cheques, transfers...)?

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It's possible, but the Ulule team has to validate these donations.

  • By cheque 
Say you want to write a cheque to your nephew, your cousin or your grandmother who have just opened a project on Ulule, and you want it to count towards the fundraising. Send a mail to [email protected] with your name, your city, the reward associated with your support ... and a picture of you holding the cheque in one hand and an owl (or any object in relation to the project) in another. Sounds crazy, right? 

Why do we make you jump through these hoops? Quite simply to prevent the system from being abused, with cheques or cash miraculously appearing right before the fundraising deadline. 

  • By bank transfer 
Ditto! Send us a quick email to [email protected] indicating your name, city and 
requested reward.  
We then ask the project owner to give us proof of the existence of this transfer (screenshot, confirmation of receipt ...), before adding your donation to the project's fundraising counter.


As you can see, these alternative methods of support are much less simple than they seem. 
Plus, by providing your support for a project this way, Ulule cannot guarantee you that your support will only be charged if the project reaches 100%. It will be your responsibility to contact the project owner in the event of improper collection. 

Paypal may seem complicated at first, but registration is simple, quick and easy. Try it yourself, this is really the most practical and secure way to give your support to a project you like!

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