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How can I add music to my project?

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What a great idea!

We like music here at Ulule and we always advise owners of musical projects to share it on their project page. Rather than having to leave to listen to your music, why not make it available directly from your project page, ready for you to welcome the contributions of your visitors!

You can integrate music to your project easily…all you need to do is put a description and you'll great results:

So where do you find these lovely music players to embed on your page?

None other  than Soundcloud. We love Soundcloud because it’s simple and easy to use. Here is how to embed a player yourself:

The first step...go to Soundcloud.

Click on 'Upload and Share' in the top left-hand corner.

Second stage: you send your music

In several clicks, choose the music file that you want to upload; Add your details and email address.

 Third stage: validate your email address (if they ask you to)

Fourth step (publish your music)

You will arrive on this page:

Click on the three following buttons:

  1. The Share button in the top left hand corner of the player.
  2. The Make track public button.
  3. The OK, make it shareable button
Fifth step: share your music on your project page!
You can now copy the embed code which allows you to add your music to your page.
1. Click for a second time on the Share button
2. Click on the box containing the enbed code (make sure you have selected everything) and Copy

 Then go to your project page on Ulule for the final step!

1. In the field where you want to add your music click on the little Insert Embed Code button (it's the little film reel)
2. A window will open where you need to paste the embed code (in french it's Coller ;) )
3. Click the Insert button
A clear box will appear to show that you have integrated your soundcloud box which will stay there until you save and exit the editor. 
Sixth stage: send us the music so that we can listen to it!
Don't hesitate to ask any questions below in the case that something hasn't been covered here.

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