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How to create a poster

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Posters are attractive, eye-catching, and when they're done well, they work. The history of advertising is overflowing with magnificant, funny and clever posters. The type that you don’t want to graffiti on the walls of the metro… Of course, they’re in the minority, but you might as well try!

So, how do you create a poster?

A key rule not to be forgotten: a poster is above all a visual message, a message imparted through images, not text: it is seen, but very often not read. So it’s about having the most possible impact on your targets!

First, make sure you don’t forget any information. There’s a mnemonic thing used in the commercial industry for this: the rule of the 6 Ws (+1).
·    WHO : who is the person communicating?
·    WHAT : what is the object of the poster, a concert ? A theatre show ? An art exhibition? A video game?
·    WHY : what are the objectives of the poster and/ or its object?
·    WHEN: What is the date/ hour the event will take place?
·    WHERE: where is it taking place?
·    TO WHOM: who is the target public concerned with your display?
·    HOW: indicate the precise contacts from whom people can seek more information

It’s all about basic principals, allowing you to broadcast your information. Of course you have the liberty to twist things a little to improve your message. The only thing you really want is for your poster to attract passersby and communicate the correct information to them.

Attack us with the page layout
A well designed poster must be eye-catching, to lead the passerby to consult it in detail - so don’t restrain from striking out hard!
Find a title which will attract the reader and take care that the most important visual aspects of the poster are big enough to be seen, even from afar.

Don’t hesitate to arrange your content in order of hierarchy. The use of different fonts and sizes will really help. But be careful not to use too many different fonts, or you risk deterring the reader’s attention.

Exploit space in a strategic way by avoiding blocks of text. Make sure you don’t cram your poster: favour clear and concise information.  The reader must see, on first glance, the principal elements.

The colour code is also very important. Choose attractive shades – a maximum of three so you don’t create a rainbow ! And put the most important points in bold.

Piece of legal advice: black print on a white background is illegal because it’s reserved for official Administrative adverts.

Specialised software for the creation of posters

You can try to produce your poster yourself. Certain software like PageMaker, Scribus, Quarkxpress or Indesign will create it if you take a little time to coax them. The walls in towns are covered with posters just not effective enough to attract our attention. It would be a shame for that to happen to yours.

Useful tip : for the pattern, there are companies on line which offer very attractive prices for a really satisfying result. Rdv on sites like Apollprint, Print'o Clock or even Rezo 8 to discover the details of their offers.

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