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How to insert the Ulule widget in a Blogger blog

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As you know, Ulule offers several promotion tools to help make your project a success.

You, your friends and supporters are able to add a Widget enabling you to promote your project on an exterior site.

The widget is integrated like a video in the form of an embed, which looks like this:

Here's how to proceed with integrating an embed code on a blogger.

Log into your Blogger account.

  • Go into the Presentation tab

  • Click on add a gadget in the zone you want the Ulule widget to appear in.

A window will open in a pop-up:

  • Select the Gadget HTML/Javascript.

A new window will open up:

  • Enter the title you want to give your gadget and paste the Ulule widget embed in the content box. 
  • Click on Save.

As you can see, the gadget has been added.

Save the changes et voilà, the Ulule widget has now been added to your blogger blog.

N.B. : The size of the Ulule widget is not fixed. You can make it however big you want. To do this, change the width and height in the embed code.

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