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How to manage your Facebook page

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1.     Profile Picture

Your profile picture is one of the very few ways you can actually customise your page, and a highly important part of your personal image, so go all out!

2.     Info Page

The next stage is to fill in information regarding yourself and your work. The main part is under ‘Info’, which you can’t delete or hide. Lots of people look at it, so make sure you keep the info brief and engaging. Also, “search engine optimisation”, because each of these tabs is indexable by search engines.

Tip: If you enter a URL with http:// in the information box situated under your profile picture, Facebook will automatically transform it into a clickable link. So, you can easily refer visitors to your site, blog or Twitter account.

3. Applications

  • Static FBML (Facebook Markup Language) : Allows you to create 10 additional tabs which can contain HTML / CSS, Flash, FBML, iframes and FBJS.
  • NetworkedBlogs : Allows you to post your RSS flux directly on your wall.
  • Twitter Tab : Adds your Twitter posts and updates in a separate tab.
  • Extended Info : Adds an additional box which supports html/fbml, images, video and music to the left sidebar of your page.
  • Fan Appz & Promotions: Helps you to manage all sorts of competitions, games and promotional gifts.

Tip: You will probably finish with lots of tabs. However, you can easily move them around if you think that certain ones are more important.

4.      Your page's url

To be able to modify your page’s url, you have to have at least 25 fans. Then, you can go onto http://www.facebook.com/username/ and click on  « Pick a username for your pages».

5.      A personalised landing page

You will need an attractive landing page in order to draw in as many visitors as possible. It’s there that the FBML application comes into use. By using HTML, CSS, FBJS and even Flash, you can create some really impressive landings.

6.       What To Expect

Before starting Facebook’s various promotion techniques, it’s important to clarify a few little things:

When someone “likes” your Faceook page, they will be informed each ime you update your status; it’s almost the same thing as having someone follow you on Twitter. To circulate a message on Twitter, you have to have followers who retweet your message so that their followers can see the tweet and, in turn, retweet it again.

On Facebook, the principal is a little more sophisticated: if someone likes or comments on your status, it appears on their profile. And when your status gets a decent quantity of “likes” and comments, it is promoted to the “Most recent” section, so that more people can see it.

Now let’s think about “Social Behaviour Rules” to know what must be done to maximize the visibility of your message:

Let’s consider that the “heavy contributors” are those who are ready to comment on your updates, the “intermittent contributors” are the ones who will probably “like” them, and the “lurkers” who will read without taking any action as a result. Suppose that your page has 100 fans. Knowing that only 12-20% of all your “fans” are going to see your status, we can see that:

It is thus clear that promotion on Facebook requires a lot of effort to to succeed.

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