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How to Promote your Facebook Page

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1) Use your Community Manager 

  • Add everyone who could be potential clients or somehow related to your company. Recently, Facebook added the integration of Skype, suggesting Facebook friends to you from your list of Skype contacts. Once you have a decent number of Facebook friends, use the function ‘Suggest to a friend” and “Share” to promote your Facebook page.
  • Use the Facebook search to discover pages, groups, events, messages and even people related to your activity/ service.
  • Once you have added these pages, groups and events, you are able to participate in conversations, which is an excellent means of direct promotion. What’s more, you can see the list of group members and easily add them as friends.
  • Communicate: when someone comments on your photo, status, or anything else. But above all you need to make people like your brand for your active contributers to become ambassadors.

Tip: When you compose your messages, use [email protected] symbol followed by the name of your page, just like you would mention another user on Twitter. This can be used like a signature for your updates.

2) Keep your page up to date

People who visit your page will hope to see interesting things, so don’t disappoint them. Facebook users generally prefer pictures, videos and links. Here are some pointers to bear in mind if you don’t want to lose your fans: don’t update your status too often, don’t have automatic content, don’t duplicate your site and just don’t be annoying. Your wall is your “social proof” and an indicator for people who might want to follow you.

3) Cheat (just a little bit)

Ask your colleagues to “Like” things on your page and add comments on all your updates to make you look more popular. An update with just 5 “likes” or 5 comments will appear in the “Most recent” section. That can make your wall more active, which will in turn encourage your fans to be more active on your page, participating in discussions.

4) Supply your page with media content

  • Download pictures of your products/ services, your office and or your team
  • Encourage your fans to post photos of themselves with your products, or using your service
  • Upload photos of each event that you organize and tag your fans
  • Post videos of your team
  • Show our products/ services in action

5) Pamper  your fans

Try in any way possible to offer your fans something special, to reward them. For example the page 1-800-FLEUR shows a reduction code when you click ‘Like’.

You can make exclusive special offers on Facebook. It’s very easy to reward your faithful fans by paying homage to them on your page. Whatever it is, if there is a really active fan, he must be publically rewarded.  

6) Send updates to your fans

Sending direct messages is one of the most powerful tools, but think twice before sending a message to all your fans. You don’t want your fans to ignore your messages or consider you a spammer.

Tip: Facebook allows you to send targeted updates. Think about the way to use this function for your company.

7) Ask for help from your friends

Via your status, ask your fans to help you construct a community by suggesting the page to their friends.

8) Establish partnerships with other pages

Note that each page on Facebook has an "Add to Favourites" button. When we do that, the page’s logo appears in the "favourite pages" space on your profile page. People who see it can then click on the link to find out more.

9) Use the applications

Facebook is full of applications to help you promote your project. You can even develop your own application if your budget allows. But how do you create a viral application?

You need something that people will want to share. This could be a game or another type of dynamic content that most people like. Once someone has a score, badge, virtual gist or any other result, the application publishes the result on its wall so that all his friends can see it.

10) Spy!

Yes! Keep an eye on your competitiors, in particular those with higher rankings than you. Check what they’re doing and if you deem it efficient, use the same strategy. When they fail, try to avoid their errors. Whatever it is, you must always be aware of what others do to increase their publicity.

11) Ads

In fact the most common practise for the promotion of your page. But before using it, consult the stats:

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