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How to promote your Ulule project (some key points)

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There are a number of ways to promote your project.

1)First of all on your Facebook page: by taking care over the presentation of your project and illustrating it with interesting videos and images. Then by updating the ‘News’ page associated with your project page to give news of the progression of your project/ or financement, of new visuals or new rewards.

 2)Make sure to spread the word. Your first supporters are often those close to you, who know your commitment to the project and who mix personally with you. Don’t hesitate to talk to your colleagues and acquaintances: you will be surprised at the involvement of some people who you don't know that well (or not at all) when your project excites them.

3) A blog can reveal itself as a formidable promotion tool. If you have a blog where you know the bloggers, don’t hesitate to present your project: you could have good feedback, remarks, advice etc.

4) Social networks are a good way to introduce your project to your network of friends and to their network of friends.

-Facebook allows for rapid communication of your project, to respond to questions which come up during the promotion from friends or groups already existing around similar themes.

-Twitter allows you to announce your updates, your new rewards or to make a point on the advancement of your project, some well placed re-tweets from other users could be of interest for your project , twitter being full of bloggers, communicators and journalists, who take on a little more of a strategic interest .

-Finally Myspace, to close the triptych, is generally an easier resource for musicians , who can easily spread their music and get together groups of friends or their contacts around their project.

5) Sharing sites. Youtube, Dailymotion, FlickR, Picasa, Vimeo… all site which allow to promote your project, to export your medias to other sites and to survey their popularity and how they spread.

6) Sites for spreading news. Digg-its are sites that allow you to post info in a continuous stream of news. Internet users click on those things that interest them and are then able to repost the most interesting. Subscrive to several sites like Digg and contribute to them with elements of your promotion. This method requires very little upkeep or time to promote your project.

Be creative. Make videos, wallpapers, pictures of novels…Think up new ways to promote your project. Do your best with your existing means. Don’t forget, with each publication to direct back to you Ulule project page, so that internet users , newly charmed by your ideas can become new supporters.

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