I have a project. Would it be eligible for ulule?

    some days ago I've written a mail to the ulule team to, but I got no answer, yet. As I fear I've landed in a spam folder or so I shall repost it here:


    I'm currently developing an optical sensor system for pianos, Hammond organs and electroaccoustic instruments such as the Fender Rhodes. It is intended as an innovation on the optical sensor strip market, since it utilizes as physical modeling algorithm to calculate the movements of the hammer in a virtual piano action, where the user can setup all physical parameters to regulate the virtual action to his needs. You can get detailed information on my blog at where I described the process of invention right from the beginning. So my question is if this project will be eligible as a project on your site?
    I'm also wondering - since this project might require international funding - if it is possible to have multilingual project descriptions, as your site is multilingual, too.

    best regards,
    Sebastian Steppeler


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    Hi Sebastian,

    You didn't get into the spam folders at all, and received an email right away from our CFO. I don't know what happened for you not to receive it.

    Here it is (from the 6th of August):

    "Hello Sebastian,

    Thanks for your email. Your project is definitely eligible for Ulule, since
    it is creative and innovative. What must be carefully designed is the
    financing objective and quality rewards, as well as a communication plan to
    reach community of people who will love your project. This is what you must
    work on.

    It is absolutely possible to have multilingual pages. If you do not have in
    your network people who can translate the page, we could be able to help you
    with translations. Currently in the team we have French, English, Spanish
    and Italian natives. In September we will also have a German native. We do
    some translations only for very qualitative projects, since it is a free
    service and it is very time consuming, so I cannot promise anything at this
    stage. However from what I have seen on your videos, your work seems really
    interesting and could interest a lot of piano and music fans.

    The best way to begin is to pitch about your project to get a principle
    acceptance (make sure that the idea of your project, its financing goal and
    proposed rewards are eligible to Ulule). You should make it here :

    Once accepted you will be able to design your project page. We will help you
    by reviewing all of your page content and we will propose improvements if

    I hope to see your project soon on Ulule !


    Arnaud Burgot
    Tel : +33 (0)
    Make good things happen !"

    We are very eager to see your project on our platform.

    See you soon on Ulule.

      Hi again,

      I now found your emails residing in _my_ spamfolder. It seems these things tend to be overprotective. It was hidden in a bunch of junk mails in my recent spam report, so I was not able to see it, sorry.

      Anyway, thank you for your quick reply and your offer to help translating my project page. As a german I'll certainly post it in german and english. Maybe I can find someone who is willing to translate it to french.

      I don't know what exactly means to pitch about my project. I thought when I created the project on your page and made it visible for all the campaign would start immediately, or did I get something wrong?

      I've already started trying to build a community around my project(by posting it on corresponding forums and I'm using stumbleupon to get some traffic on my blog), but so far I didn't get much response. Maybe I need to be more patient, but I'm sure you guys at ulule know how hard this is when you are really passionate about your project and want other people to benefit from it, too. Finally when I start a campaign I'm sure the guys at hackaday will put a post on their blog, and adafruit industries have also told me they'd like to put out an anouncement.

       If you have other suggestions how I could make my project popular I'm very ear.






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      Hi Sebastian,

      When creators want to put a project on Ulule, there is a period of moderation at first, which is meant to give you the best chances to succeed your fundraising. During this time, we check that all your project's details are at their best.

      I can already see that you are very motivated in the promotion of your project, and that's a great thing. I invite you to fill up the proposal form :

      We'll notify you with our answer shortly. I hope to see you soon on Ulule.

      All the best.

        Hi again,

        The problem is: I don't have an exact funding goal right now. I could only give a coarse estimation of the sum I need to raise to sell the product for an affordable price and unfornatelly this would be quite a huge sum, so I will need to sell at least around 100 pieces to make it possible. You know I can't start a campaign before I know that I can realy make it! 

        Also before I start this campaign I would want to have some people running prototypes in their instruments to get some feedback first and to show the potential customer what my system is capable of and how well it plays there.

        Another question I have is: How long can the project stay in moderation? Can we change the funding sum? 




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        Hello Sebastian,

        We received your proposal already and I guess you are not finished with your test phase and feedbacks.

        What we can do is that we validate the proposal you wrote and open a page for you (which is only accessible for you and us right know). You can change everything on it: describe your rewards, precise your goal and so on..

        Speak very soon,


          Yes I think that would be the best idea. I just realized that I have tons of ideas for further rewards and a things that will have to be changed right now.




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