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Interview: SleepBot (Android app project / Funded)

  • Pioneer
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Jane and Edison were amongst the very first project owners to successfully finance their project on Ulule: SleepBot, a resource tool for users to manage their sleep schedules over mobile applications connecting to a web-based platform.

Jane was kind enough to share her experience with us, and to offer some advice and tips on how to take this pathway to crowdfunding success.

-Why did you choose crowdfunding to finance your project?

We chose crowdfunding to finance SleepBot because we thought there was no better way to raise money than to raise awareness about our cause! Crowdfunding's a really great platform that allows people to explain their project and goals, and contact people outside of their personal networks that might relate to the project and want to contribute! Also, the site link made it really easy to share on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and the site (Ulule) actually helped the project build an image of legitimacy because it wasn't like we were simply asking people to donate, but people knew that others also related to this project and wanted to help, which really bolsters confidence in the project.

-How did you think up your rewards?

We thought up rewards that we could actually accomplish and complete, but were hopefully also unique or charming in a way that would provide appropriate thanks for contributors.

-Do you have any tips on how to promote a crowdfunding project?

Promotion of crowdfunding projects usually start with the people that you know. I especially suggest sharing the details of the projects with friends or people who are passionate about your cause, and will further share it to their own networks. Bloggers are really helpful. If you don't have a lot of followers on Twitter, start following popular Twitters of people or institutions that have a cause/passion similar to your project's, and try to tweet and communicate with them so that they respond or give you feedback! It's important to note that you should definitely use this opportunity to contact strangers and even companies because having a crowdfunding site feature your project gives it a sense of being personal and reliable.

-Which of your networks brought you the most support - close friends, friends of friends or people you didn't know?

Our supporters were evenly split between people we knew and complete strangers! We actually received some sponsorship from institutions we contacted and supported our cause. 

-Would you use crowdfunding again?

We would definitely use crowdfunding again. It's a great way to raise money and share your project, and even maybe gain press. Also, you can meet some awesome people in the process!

Thanks, Jane!

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