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New feature on Ulule: team project management

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Dear users, we are pleased to announce that your prayers were heard. Many of you asked for a feature that would enable multiple managers on a project, with different roles: project creator, editor and moderator. We are launching this new feature today. To make the best of it, follow our guidelines.

What are the different roles on my project page?

- Project creator

The project creator can edit the page and change it, as well as identity informations. He or she can also appoint editors and moderators.

  • He or she is the project creator
  • He or she has all the necessary authorizations to manage the project, including identity documents and banking details
  • Only this person is legally responsible of the project.

- Editor

He or she has the same roles than the project creator, but he or she can’t appoint or delete other editors or team members.

  • Editors are appointed by the project creator
  • They can access all the features of the project page, but they can’t access identity documents nor banking details. They can’t access the contact page for the project creator and the Ulule team.
  • When they post a comment on the project page, they are seen as “Project staff”.
  • They don’t get any notification emails for the project : only the project creator does.
  • They can access the projects they’re involved with on the “My projects” menu (top right of the “user space”).

- Moderator

The moderator can’t access any editing feature of the project page but is seen as “Project staff”. He or she can answer and moderate comments from the project community.

  • They are appointed by the project creator
  • They can’t edit or change the project page
  • They can access the projects they’re involved with on the “My projects” menu (top right of the “user space”).
  • They can answer comments. They will be seen as “Project staff”.


How to appoint the different roles on my project page?

First step: get to the page “Edit my project”. In the “Main information” screen, you can now access the “Add users as members of your project team” option. You can appoint all your team members’ roles using their email addresses (as long as they are Ulule members). You can also use their Ulule members’ username.

You can delete members of your project team by clicking on the recycle bin icon.

Remember to save by clicking on the green button at the bottom of the page!

Can we change someone’s role during the campaign?

The project creator can change or delete the role of an editor / team member during the campaign. However, project creators can’t appoint an editor or a team member as “Project Creator”.

How does editing work when several team members are working at the same time on the project page?

If several team members are working on a project page, please be careful when saving your edits. Our system unfortunately doesn’t allow several users to edit project pages at the same time (that includes rewards, presentation or any other element of the project page). Therefore, if you or one of your team members are editing the project page at the same time, the version that will appear online is the last saved version.

Leo, project creator, is editing the “Rewards” part of his project to add a postcard on the $5 reward pack. He saves. But at the same moment, Charles, editor, deletes the $5 reward pack. A few seconds later, he saves. Charles’s version will overwrite Leo’s, be saved by the system, and therefore appear online.

Conclusion: please be careful when several team members are editing the project page at the same time. You might overwrite edits made by other team members.

If you have any questions about this feature, the Ulule team will be happy to answer!


The Ulule team

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