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New on Ulule: Become a Fan of a project!

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As you must have noticed, some new features have appeared on the site; aesthetic improvements, principally on the project pages, as well as a new function...

  • Become a Fan!

Because sometimes you just want to follow the evolution of a project without supporting it straightaway (when your pay cheque hasn't come through for example). To enable anyone to follow a project, we have created this new option: Become a Fan.

  • What happens when I become a Fan of a project? 

You will receive all the news and updates posted by the project owner, in order to follow their work, promotion, press articles and other fresh and juicy content that will be updated on their Ulule project page.

However, you won't always have access to the news reserved especially for supporters. Sorry...But you can't have your cake and eat it!

So, now you can follow all these adorable projects that you're not quite able to support yet. What better than to directly receive their news, and be even closer to the life of their ideas?

Don't forget that project owners will be extremely grateful if you talk about their ideas with others; promotion is just as vital for the projects as the funds collected. So go spread the word!

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I love this new function! And the new layout, it's much clearer :)


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