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    Hi Ulele,

    I see that there is a PayPal icon on the bottom of my selected project's page (WorldRadioParis). But when I proceed to pay, the only option I'm given is to pay via Credit Card.

    Please advise..

    Thank you,


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      Yes Localfoodandwine.

      The same for me..   when i proceed to pay, no paypal option. I hope in the same help.


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      Sorry for the long delay of me reply. The project creator of WorldRadioParis didn't added Paypal to the payment options of his project and that's why we can't allow this payment method for this project. I am really sorry for you. 

      You can get in touch with him by clicking on his profile and ask him if he would be so kind to add paypal to his project (we already introduced him in the suject) in order to contribute :-)

      Have a nice day and good luck,


        Ok Friends.. this question is solved in FAQ: if you pay in Euro you must insert credit card info and not paypal. Pitty

        read "Supporting a projects" in FAQ



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