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Problem trying to enter info to your site

    Greetings, My name is Gary Nelson I have a great idea. I need funding to move forward.. I have been trying for four days to enter my Information on to your site. Your site will not allow me to proceed. Please help me resolve this problem I am sending the details of my company Please read and e mail me back .

    International Afro Centric Circus "No More Sagging Pants"

    The vulgarity of the sagging pants, gangs, gun violence, drug and alcohol abuse and all forms of discrimination has become an epidemic across the nation. THE INTERNATIONAL AFRO CENTRIC CIRCUS “No More Sagging Pants” is a celebration of culture and a source of education with an assemblage of the finest African and Afro American circus acts from all over the world. Our mission is to help the troubled youth by going directly to the schools with our messages.

    This is something you should know! Sagging pants came from prison. Inmates sag their pants after they have been violently gang raped. It means you are some ones girlfriend. 3000 inmates are gang raped every week in our nations prisons. That’s 428 per day and 17 per hour. This is a tragedy. The school children that sag their pants are terribly confused and misled. They are just being followers. The school auditorium shows that the International Afro Centric Circus "No More Sagging Pants" has performed have made a positive impact on these lost and confused children. I am determined to help wake up this lost generation one student and one school at a time.

    Our most fundamental philosophy is the concern for people. This strong belief in people is the determining factor that motivates our shows. This unique school show strives to be the only circus in the country with a message geared to the youth. The school auditorium shows consists of a Ringmaster and one to three circus acts that will empower the audiences with a constant flow of powerful and uplifting messages and outstanding talent.    

    Our approach is pure and simple. Our shows will not only explore the character, but individually help give the youth time to think about their “self image” and hopefully make a change. We are determined to enhance in the youth the power to change through innovative messages, student participation, and raw talent and most importantly love.  The powerful Coming of Age Ceremony pledge along with the Goal Setter Card will touch and transform many students to find the best within them, the talent and pride within them to be the best that they can be. The funds will be used for operating expenses, office space and for the salaries of our VP'S of Marketing, Operations, Production and Finance.

    We are planning a under the Big Top ten city tour starting September 2012. The cities are Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Wash DC, Baltimore, Miami and Atlanta.



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    Greetings Gary, and welcome on Ulule!

    Indeed, your idea is excellent, and it is a shame that you're not able to enter your information on our site. This shouldn't happen. It probably comes from the browser your using. You would need the latest version of Google Chrome or Firefox to be sure the problem doesn't come from there.

    If the problem remains, feel free to contact us anytime, and we'll figure out a solution.

    link to download google Chrome :

    link to Mozilla Firefox :

    See you soon on Ulule.


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