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Put an end to drunk Facebooking!

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It's an all-too-frequent and (up 'till now) unavoidable occurence: you return home after a night out in an enebriated state and feel the need to recount the night's outrageous drunken activities on your Facebook status, for the whole world to see. Or, perhaps worse, you message a crush professing your undying love, warning him of your predisposition to Jane Austen style romance.

However you usually humiliate yourself on Facebook, Firefox has come to the rescue with a new plugin called “The Social Media Sobriety Test”.

You can customize the settings for a variety of social media sites including Facebook, Myspace and Tumbler, as well as e-mail accounts like Gmail or Hotmail.

Set your hours of intoxication, and if you try to sign on to one of those sites during those times, you’ll be asked to pass a test to prove your sobriety. This can be typing the alphabet backwards, or keeping your cursor inside a moving circle.

Here's an amusing little demo video:

Shame it doesn't work for mobiles too...

2 replies

  • Serial Ululer
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Some poor drunkards who would definitely have benefited from the application...

  • Pioneer
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Amazing!! I am so going to get this!

They should definitely make one for phones, drunken texts are amost as bad as Fb statuses...


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