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Congrats on achieving your project! Next step: manage and send all your rewards! 


STEP 1 Update your backers ✍️

Keep your backers updated on delivery process by posting news on your Ulule page (very useful when you know you’re going to be late, it happens, be transparent and communicate your backers will understand ;)


STEP 2 Export CSV 🔢

Download all necessary informations, go to your project dashboard tab contribution > my supporters tab, and click on « export as csv »

If you notice that some postal addresses are missing write a news on your Ulule page (as well as a Facebook post) asking your backers to update their delivery informations on their Ulule account > my contributions > edit icon

Good to know: you can set a mandatory postal address when you create your rewards

So you now have a handy CSV file with all necessary informations: backers postal addresses, names and reward chosen.

(Pssst, if you’re a beginner with Excel, check out some tutorials on Youtube ;)


STEP 3 Missing informations? Ask simply 💬

If you have missing informations (such as size / colors / and so on) create and send out a Google Form to the appropriate backers.


STEP 4 Create post labels 🤓

Get ready to send out those rewards.

Here’s a process (amongst other) to help out posting. It requires Google Docs and Google Sheets (free tools yeaaah)

1 / Create a Google Sheet

First thing first add informations on a Google sheet

When on Google drive click on Create > Open > Upload > your CSV file

All columns should have a title: names, adresse, and so on.

2 / Merge

Create a Google doc, click on add-ons and download Avery Label Merge (free as well ;)

And then follow the add-on instructions.


STEP 5 Send out good vibes 💌

Last important step, add a personal message with the reward, a good way to keep your backers talking about the project.


STEP 6 Sit back relax 😎

Breathe & don’t be afraid to ask creators for tips and tricks! Been sending rewards lately? Share your experience in comments ;)

2 replies

    For french citezens,

    you can use the "La poste" services to make the sending process easier.

    Instead of carrying all the already packaged reward to the po office, filling manually all information about the sender and the receiver for each package, pay stamps and taxes and then get the reciept. you can do the next:

    1/ Get to your kitchen and look for that "food weghing scale"

    This is the best tool to estimate the weigh of each one of your packages

    2/ prepare all the informations about your contributer list: names, addresses ..

    3/ use "https://boutique.laposte.fr/colissimo-en-ligne" to enter the sender/receiver information, the package details (dimensions and weigh)

    then you can pay on line and print the receipt.

    you will get something like this for each package 

    4/ paste every receipt on the correct package  and keep the package Number so that you can follow its status everytime a change happens

    you can fllow the packages using this link https://www.laposte.fr/particulier/outils/suivre-vos-envois

    5/ carry all you package to the post office and drop them.

    6/ now you can really relax :)


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