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Supporters, news and rewards...

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A couple of newbie questions:

1. When I send a news which is reserved for supporters, is it only for paying supporters (aka people who made a pledge) or can fans see it as well?

2. Can I still send news after a project has been funded, like on Kickstarter (to keep people updated etc.)?

3. Is there a way to see how much a supporter has pledged, and which rewards s/he has selected? Or does the project manager get that information only after the project has been funded?

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Hi Atrus,

So sorry, I didn't see this message before. Got to update my Google reader.
Here are the answers :

1/ Yes, the reserved news are only for your supporters... meaning the people that actually made a pledge to your project. Fans can not see them. They receive the message but they can't see the news unless they become supporters.

2/ Yes, you can. It's the easiest way to keep your supporters updated.

3/ Yes, you can also. You have to click on the "edit the project" tab, than on "supporters", you'll have the list by reward.



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