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The biggest holdback for potential backers

    Hi all, 

    We've just launched our first campaign with which we hope to reach a number of presales of a DVD (www.ulule.com/exprmntl). 

    While the Ulule team helps out with tips on how to create a succesful campaign, we've quickly noticed that one of the biggest issues that holds people back from supporting is the fact they need to first create an account on Ulule before they can continue with their purchase. 

    Kickstarter for instance gives people the possibility to 'continue without making an account'. 

    As Ulele's business is obviously built around the percentage they get from contributions, I'm guessing it is also in its best interest to offer an as frictionless as possible experience for the potential backers.

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    Congrats on launching your campaign, we wish you great success!

    Also thanks for letting us know about this observation. The feature you are mentionning on Kickstarter is actually pretty new, until few months ago, the obligation to create an account was the same.

    The reason we ask for backers to register is because it is a legal obligation in Europe.

    We are constantly working on improving the process for backers to help a project and if we can one day implement similar functiongs we'll do.

    Please note that we offer account creating with Facebook for users who want a quicker way to create an account on Ulule too!

    Remember to discuss with your success manager on strategies to communicate with your community to invite them to back your project.

    Best of luck!



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