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Timeless Architecture Gems

    Architecture gems are those buildings which stand out as icons all over the world. They may be ‘world firsts’ i.e. the first time a certain style or construction method was utilized, or they may be great examples of that style or type. They might be the masterpiece of a particular architect, or possess great cultural importance.

    Taj Mahal (Photo by: Julian Yu)

    The pure majestic beauty of the Taj Mahal is quite different to Le Palais Ideal, built by a French postman, and one of the quirkiest buildings out there. Similarly, the epic grandeur of the Empire State Building, which is built in an impressive Art Deco style, is very unlike the Shard in London.

    The Shard (Photo by: Fred Mouniguet)

    While they can both be classed as ‘skyscrapers’, the latter’s ultra-modernist style is very much of the now, whilst the NYC icon marks a certain period in history. However, all these works are ‘timeless’, in the best sense, it’s true.

    Kam Shan Country Park (Photo by: Joseph Chan)

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