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Transform a 2D picture into 3D with Photoshop

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Here's a little tutorial on how to transform any of your photos into 3D with photoshop. No expert IT skills required - if I can do it, you certainly can!

First of all start by opening the picture. For example I've taken a poster from the last Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D.

Here it is:

Stage 1

Once you have opened the image, you need to make it 'edit-able' by double clicking on the picture whilst pushing down 'Alt'.

Stage 2

Now that your picture is editable, click on Layer > New adjustment layer > Brightness/ Contrast.

Change the luminosity to -2 and the contrast to +25.

Now create a new layer by clicking CTRL+SHIFT+N. Then go into Picture > Appy picture. You are going to copy and merge all the layers into a new picture.

Select the new layer and apply the High Pass filter by clicking on Filter >      > High Pass. Set the radius at 8.5 and click on OK.                

Selectionnez le nouveau calque et appliquez le filtre Passe-haut en vous rendant dans Filtre > Divers > Passe-haut.

Then change the mode of this same layer                           and put the darkness to 80%. Your picture should now look like this:

Modifier ensuite le mode de ce même calque en Incrustationet mettez l'opacité du calque à 85%. Votre image doit maintenant ressembler à ça:

Stage 3:

Select all your layers. To do this click on the first layer then press Shift, followed by the last layer. Merge all the layers by pressing Shift+Ctrl+E.

You should now find yourself with just one layer. Duplicate it by pressing Ctrl+J.

Rename the top layer to "Top" and the bottom one to "Bottom".

This is what it should look like:

Stage 4

Now select the 'Top' layer and set the darkness to 50%. Then press V and with the help of the arrows on your keyboard

Ensuite appuyez sur la touche V une fois et à l'aide des flèches de votre clavier décaler de 3 vers la droite et de 3 vers le bas.

Now go onto Edition > manual transformation. Rotate by -1.1, as seen below:ci-dessous :

Stage 5

Remettez l'opacité du calque "haut" à 100% et cachez-le en cliquant sur l'oeil à gauche du calque.
Selectionnez le calque "bas" puis allez dans Image > Réglages > Mélangeur de couches
Verifiez bien que vous êtes sur la couche Rouge et diminuez le rouge de 100% à 0%. Validez en cliquant sur Ok.

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