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[Ulule Projects improvements] Published news is now sent to all your supporters

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This little message to notify you of some improvements which, we hope, will be practical and useful for your crowdfunding campaigns.
For two weeks we have been working on the news system linked to each project.
We’re still continuing to improve it, but I’ll briefly inform you about two new functions already available.
  • News by language
For bilingual projects, from now on you can categorize your news by language: English or French. It will be shown according to your visitors’ language.
This will avoid having a News category in which all the news is doubled, one in English and the other in French. It’s certainly a significant improvement to your pages.
If your news is written in just one language, it will be displayed in this language for all visitors. This will enable French people to access the news in English and vice versa. 
  • Notifications by email
From now on, your supporters will receive a notification by email containing the first lines of your news each time you publish a new article.
This enables you to maintain contact between your supporters and your project, and to keep them up to date as soon as there are any new updates.
You can (and we strongly encourage you to do this) use this system to easily post your thanks during or at the end of your campaign. Talk about your preparations during the campaign or the progress of the rewards once your project is finished.
It’s very important to keep in contact with your supporters during a crowdfunding campaign: thank them and keep them up to date. Moreover, by asking them to share your project with others you attract new people – so do it!
(!) At the same time, take care not to abuse it: too many updates without real information could annoy your supporters.

We are of course at your disposal for all further information.
Have a good day…and a great campaign!

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