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Important message for your Ulule campaign in the context of COVID-19

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Dear Ulule member,

In this complex context full of uncertainty, we first and foremost hope that everything is going well for you! We’d like to tell you more about the impact of COVID-19 at Ulule so that you can make the best decisions for your project.

Rest assured: the Ulule team is using all its creative energy to allow your project to move forward.

The following applies:
- All Ulule employees work from home. You’ll see, we’re used to it and we’re super reactive ;)
- As an exceptional measure, we allow the modification of your campaign’s deadline if this is justified. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your success coach, we’ll be understanding.
- As of today and in the near future, all of our physical events are canceled, and most of them will be soon replaced by online events.Paradoxically, online activities surge tremendously, which could be beneficial to your projects. Whether your project is already online or ready to be launched, keep working on your campaign and don’t postpone your project (unless you face technical issues). If there’s one moment where good ideas should emerge and shine, it is now.

Of course, avoid communicating during the “peaks” of COVID-19 media coverage. But keep in mind that outside of those peaks, people are more than ever connected online and they’re looking for actions full of hope. Let’s keep moving forward and be mobilized together, with the Web as an ally to spring up new ideas and solutions!

We wish you all great campaigns ahead, despite the virus, and of course, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Alexandre Boucherot
Founder & CEO Ulule

5 replies

  • Serial Creator

Gracias por la información Samuel, por favor, ponte en contacto con nosotros, estamos esperando respuesta tuya urgente en nuestro proyecto, gracias por tu comprensión. 

    Good afternoon!

    Thanks so much for reaching out during this time.Yes. we are very interested in using ULULE to crowd fund for our project. I am a bit confused by how things work. I get the impression your team want/needs to meet with us first......The dates and times you proposed as options did not work us. Is there a way to conference to chat about the project and understand better how to proceed and best utilize this platform.

    Thanks and best!!

      Bonjour Lucille,

      Je vous écris  pour vous demander un avis marketing avant de lancer  ma campagne. Est-ce que vous pensez ce soit le bon moment, maintenant que doucement tout le monde recommence à avoir envie de nouveau projets?

      Vous pensez pour la bonne réussite du projet,  soit plus interessant et motivant  expliquer que ce Crow-founding ça sera avant tout une aide pour redémarrer après le pandémie qui à affecté le jeunes marques comme la mienne?

      En attente de un votre retour je vous souhaite un bon après midi.



        A few months ago I signed up for Ulule in order to make protest music but would like to focus the fundraiser for another cause. May I change all this? If so, how can I?




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