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Using a friend's credit card with my Ulule account

    Hi there - I'd like to support a project but only have a Visa Debit card at my disposal and I keep getting an error message when attempting to make payment.

    Can I use somebody else's card to make a pledge? I haven't seen a name / surname field on the payment form, so I'm assuming you use the Ulule profile details for payment? 


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    • Serial Ululer

    Hi Igor, 

    Of course, you can use somebody else's card to contribute to a project. 

    About your failed contribution, after a little investigation, we found that your bank was sending to our payment server an error message so all we can do is to recommend you to contact them and ask them why your card does not work on Ulule. Because, Visa Debit card is an eligible one on the platform. 

    On those words I wish you a great time with us ! 


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