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Which software to use for editing a video

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Each editing software responds to specified needs and it's not always easy to find exactly what you're looking for. 

Here are some examples from which you should hopefully find a software which suits your needs:

Video Easy

This software is very simple to use and ideal for those editing for the first time. Video Easy provides you with a step by step guide to its precise functions, as well as practical help, among which includes startup assistance and the possibility to archive your projects on DVD and hard disk.

Video Deluxe

This software is also accessible to all types of users thanks to its simplified, practical usage. The functions are very thorough, with special effects, professional audio editing, a picture stabiliser and correction tools.


This software is targeted at beginners, but those who already possess some video editing knowledge. It is compatible with AVCHD and HDV and can be downloaded with Flash, Quicktime, PS3, WII, Xbox 360 and Ipods. An added bonus: videos can be put directly online on Youtube and Dailymotion. The functions are like those on Video Deluxe with an image stabilising tool and the option of capturing image by image. Another advantage is that it's very easy to make video captures.

Nero 9

This software is designed for amateurs who have mastered editing tools. It's very thorough and has numerous tools which enable you to create, cut, burn and edit music, photos, data and videos. You can edit your films according to the pre-defined models. The screen capture includes HD camcorders and you can download your projects onto AVCHD and Blu-Ray disks. This software even allows you to include titles, thank yous and video clips.

Adobe 1

Adobe 1 targets semi-pros. It offers two systems:

Project: to import all the final project's files

Timeline: to edit everything that needs changes, and things to be added.

There are many functions to quickly improve the quality of a film, with music and a menu. What's more, an audio mixing table is integrated and allows you to add music. There's even an application which enables you to share your videos online.

There are other software like Avid which is more for professional use. In terms of video design, the software After Effects is a good choice if you have already mastered video editing.

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just in the case you can also explore for opensource alternatives, I suggest this powerful editors;



you even can try it without installing anything, for example using a whole live distribution (via DVD or USB) like this:




btw, you can watch the video i edited for my campaign, that was edited using some of this great free software tools:


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Thank you Vlax !


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