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Why does this European project offer only credit card payment?

    I would like to fund this project http://www.ulule.com/arbres-kenya/ that was created by Tree-Nation in Barcelona. Spain is a Euro-country yet I am only offered payment via credit card. But I don't have one and I would rather like to use Paypal or direct debit.

    Any explanations? Or do I need to contact Tree-Nation directly?

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      Me too!! Same problem!!

      • Serial Ululer

      Hi both, 

      That's because the paypal option hasn't been activated. To activate it, the project owner should ask the Ulule team. So you definitely should contact them. 

      Have a nice day and enjoy your trip around the platform. 

        Will do. Thanks a lot, Jenny.

        • Serial Ululer

        You are very welcome prudens. 


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